Post Conference Information

Dear Conference Attendees,

Thank you for attending last week’s conference, we hope you enjoyed the sessions as much as we did.

Post-Conference Survey(s): Here is our post-conference survey; please take a moment to fill it out when you are able.

ACVERP Credits Information: 

To submit ACVERP credits, please email a signed copy of your form (attached) to this email with all of the opening and closing codes for the sessions attended. The keynote has an opening and closing code as well. Some of the sessions may have missed the code initially, but it is repeated many times in the end. The form is attached to this email. Only registered attendees will be able to receive credit. The maximum number of credits you can receive is 18.

WA Clock Hours Information: 

The code is J35-ELQ  – Email Pam Parker if you have questions. There are 18 WA Clock Hours and 4.5 of them are STEM for the conference. Only registered attendees will be able to receive clock hours.

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Please reach out to us if you have any questions.