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PNW AER Mini-Grant

PNW AER Grant Application Process

Funding: $500 to Four Awardees, per fiscal year

Opens: July 1 every year

Deadline: May 1 every year

Application: Mini-Grant Application Google Form

PNW AER is a chapter of The Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER). Together, we promote and support the professions by advocating for evidence-based practices, high-quality standards, value-added resources, and giving voice to issues of critical importance.

This application is for PNW AER’s Mini-Grant program. These grants support professional development for professionals who provide services to persons with vision loss. Grants may fund professional development experiences, such as summer institutes, conferences, workshops, continuing education, action research, mentoring experiences, or lesson study. Professional development must improve practice, curriculum, and student/client achievement, and recipients must put professional leadership into practice by sharing what they learn with their colleagues.

Grants cannot fund a degree.

Award Amount: Grant requests cannot exceed $500.00.

Timeline: PNW AER awards four grants per fiscal year July 1 – June 30.

July 1 of the Fiscal Year, Application Opens
May 1 of the Fiscal Year, by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Deadline for online submission of application and supporting documents.


PNW AER Mini-Grants are open to current PNW AER members who have been members in good standing a minimum of two (2) years prior to applying for the grant. Recipients must be members in good standing at the time of receipt of grant monies. An individual shall not be the recipient of more than one PNW AER grant every three (3) years.

Criteria for Selection and Application Review:

The PNWAER Board of Directors meets monthly September – June of the fiscal year. Applications must be submitted 30 days prior to the upcoming board meeting to be added to the agenda. If an application is received less than 30 days prior, it will be on the agenda of the following meeting. At least (3) current board members must be present at the meeting to vote on the application. The board will vote on grant applications based on the criteria given in the application. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis according to funds available in a given fiscal year.

The following criteria apply to the selection of PNW AER grants:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to the field
  • Strong rationale for seeking professional development funding
  • Degree to which grantee will share & expand education post-opportunity
  • Documentation of professional resume or cv
  • Quality of written grant application

Regulations: PNW AER Grant funds are available for

  • Professional development opportunities, summer institutes, conferences, workshops, continuing education, action research, mentoring experiences, or lesson study
  • Grant funds cannot fund a degree
  • Any grant activity returning a profit to the sponsor shall return said funds to PNWAER treasury. Workshops presented based upon AER funding shall have a registration fee for non-AER members.
  • When applying for a grant, please apply for the fiscal year in which the grant will be submitted with receipts.
  • Grant recipients will return benefit to membership as agreed upon by board and recipient.
  • Up to four grants will be awarded per fiscal year ($2,000)


  • Grants are awarded as reimbursement for expenses accrued.
  • Original receipts must be submitted to the PNWAER treasurer for reimbursement no more than sixty (60) calendar days after the event.

Required Components:

Start the application process by clicking the Application Button below to access the application on our website. Complete all of the required questions and upload a resume/cv and submit.

Application: Mini-Grant Application Google Form